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Concealed Carry Classes, Pistol Classes, Rifle Classes, Shotgun Classes, and Firearms Instructor Training and Certification

Level 1 Firearms Training Classes

Firearms Classes are Available For Every Level Student from Beginner to Advanced

Here is a list of classes we offer:

  • Concealed Carry Classes
  • Beginner Pistol Classes to Advanced
  • Beginner AR-15 Classes to Advanced
  • Beginner Rifle Classes to Advanced
  • Beginner Student Classes to Advanced

We Specialize in Firearms Training and Instructor Certification Classes.

Expert Firearms Instructor Certification Classes

Instructor Graduates from Montana

As a National Training Academy, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC offers Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Concealed Carry Instructor Classes for those interested in becoming firearms instructors.

Level 1 Firearms Instructor Classes are extremely educational, challenging, and held to the highest standards. Our standards are so high they surpass all 50 states’ training requirements. Our training is transferable between states which allows our instructors to apply and be granted the title of “Concealed Carry Instructor”. Some states have additional requirements which we address during training.

Our advanced instructor training leverages Modern Gun Training Techniques with the older training styles to bring our instructors the best possible learning platform during their training class.

Concealed Carry Classes

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Classes for concealed carry of a firearm are a multi-million dollar industry.

Not all concealed carry classes are created equally, which is why you need to choose your concealed carry class carefully. Our Modern Gun Training Techniques teach you what you need to know about concealed carry in public.

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC instructors are nationally certified to deliver Concealed Carry Classes specific to your state.

Pistol Classes

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Basic to Advanced Pistol Classes Available

Our Pistol Classes introduce students to the fundamental concepts of owning, using, and storing a pistol. Using Modern Gun Training Techniques combined with old-school teaching methods means you’ll be “Shooting with Confidence” in no time.

Whether you are a first-time, beginner pistol student or are simply looking for ways to improve your skills, we have a class that’s just right for you.

AR-15 Classes

IMAGE: AR-15 Rifle

The AR-15 rifle is described as today’s “Modern Sporting Rifle“. It seems silly to have to explain the “AR” designation stands for “ArmaLite Rifle” which is simply the name of the company that designed the rifle. Think of AR as the next generation Telsa, which as you know is just another manufacturer of cars. Both are cool, both are modern, and both are up-to-date.

Our Modern Gun Training Techniques will enhance your AR-15 rifle skills as you progress through our training program.

Rifle Classes

Rifle Class

From beginner to advanced, Level 1 Firearms Rifle Classes provides a class to meet your needs. Our Modern Gun Training Techniques are sure to have you shooting more accurately as you progress through our training program.

Our Beginner Rifle Class focuses on new rifle students understanding the Basics of Rifle Shooting, gun safety rules, ammunition, rifle stances, shooting fundamentals, cleaning and maintenance, and additional training opportunities.

Our rifle classes are modular which allows you to build on previous rifle classes. Additional modules include “Hitting on Target” and advanced “Defensive Rifle” classes for self-defense.

Shotgun Classes

Shotgun Classes

From beginner to advanced our Level 1 Firearms Training LLC shotgun classes are designed to help you “Catch that Bird” as you progress from beginner shotgun classes to defensive shotgun classes.

Using Modern Gun Training Techniques, we begin introducing beginner shotgun students to the basics of shotgun training. This includes an introduction to shotguns, gun safety rules, ammunition, and maintenance of your shotgun.

Shotgun classes then progress to more advanced concepts, such as our “Catch that Bird” class which focuses on improving your aim, shooting stance, and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Our “Defensive Shotgun” class introduces students to the concepts of using your shotgun as a self-defense tool. Shotgun accessories, an overview of the law, and an extensive course of fire await students who join this class.

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The Very Best in Firearms Instructor Training, Concealed Carry Training,
and Self-Defense Training

Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC has been dedicated to providing superior firearms instructor training. Our dedication to producing the best-concealed firearms instructors has placed us as one of the most prestigious training programs in the USA, America Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Our dedication to producing the highest caliber concealed carry instructors ensures our students understand the safe handling of a firearm and the laws that govern the use of deadly force. Regardless of your training needs, from basic firearms handling to self-defense or tactical training, Level 1 Firearms Training has a program for you and your family.

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