About Level 1 Firearms Training

The Nation’s #1 Firearms Instructor Training Company

Level 1 Firearms Training is at the forefront of innovative training methodologies, focused on both the student and the instructor to deliver quality firearms training. Join the thousands of firearm instructors who teach our innovative techniques for effective training methodologies for a safe and comprehensive firearms training experience.

As an innovative firearms training company,
Level 1 Firearms Training is focused on creating
learning and educational opportunities for
instructors and students alike”

David M. Streb, Managing Partner

Meet the Managing Partner

David M. Streb is co-founder of level 1 Firearms Training. He is one of the most experienced leaders in academic firearms training, known for his commitment to expanding student opportunity, firearm instructor training, innovative teaching methodologies, and encouraging the personal growth and success of Level 1 Firearms.

Firearms training opportunities for
many kinds of learners

Level 1 Firearms Training offers several certifications for students and instructors
alike who are in pursuit of knowledge, personal improvement, and continuing their firearms education.

Level 1 Firearms is shaped
and strengthened
by our many