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What is the Hell Week™ Firearms Instructor Program all About?

Welcome to Level 1 Firearms Training, the Original Home of the Firearms Instructor Classes. The classes taught during the Hell Week™ Program ensure you receive the best in concealed carry gun classes and expert firearms instructor training.

The Hell Week™ Instructor Concealed Carry class can save you an incredible amount of time and energy. It provides you with all the advanced personal protection strategies that many states require you to possess when applying as a CCW instructor. You receive all the training any state would require in just one short week. If you attempt to piece-meal these classes over time, it could take you up to three (3) years to complete.

Firearm Instructor Classes

Level 1 Firearms Training is at the forefront of innovative training methodologies, and focuses on both the student and the instructor to deliver quality firearms training.

Using Modern Gun Training Techniques combined with old-school methods, Level 1 Firearms Instructors provide comprehensive coverage of all firearm classes.

Join the thousands of firearm instructors who teach our innovative techniques for effective training methodologies delivering a safe and comprehensive firearms training experience.

As an innovative firearms training company,
Level 1 Firearms Training is focused on creating
learning and educational opportunities for
instructors and students alike”

David M. Streb, Managing Partner

Meet the Managing Partner

David M. Streb is co-founder of level 1 Firearms Training. He is one of the most experienced leaders in academic firearms training, known for his commitment to expanding student opportunity, firearm instructor training, innovative teaching methodologies, and encouraging the personal growth and success of Level 1 Firearms Instructors.

Co-Founder Nicki Streb, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC

Co-Founding Partner & Education Director

Nicki is the co-founder of Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC.  She is the Program Director for Level 1’s popular WOW “Women Only Workshops™ Classes course series; a program focused on introducing women to firearms in a safe environment.  Nicki works closely with students to coordinate class schedules and organize training nationally.  Nicki also consults on business development strategies to promote student firearms business success.

Firearms training opportunities for
many kinds of learners

Level 1 Firearms Training offers several certifications for students and instructors
alike who are in pursuit of knowledge, personal improvement, and continuing their firearms education.

Level 1 Firearms Instructors are shaped
and strengthened by our many communities.

National Training Experience

Our national training experience brings the best of all worlds together when teaching new students new skills. We apply training by leveraging Modern Gun Training Techniques during the training process.

The United States is very diverse and filled with many opinions on how firearms training should be taught. The thought process about guns, how to handle them, and what to do with them is as unique as the state and community you live.

Training across the United States allows us to bring the best in training to local communities, training most local instructors simply don’t have to bring to the table. This is why training with a national firearms company, with national exposure, makes sense. Our instructors are not only local to your community, but they also have access to national resources local instructors don’t have available to them.

Modern Gun Training Techniques

Training Pistol

Tired of teaching the old way using old and antiquated methods?

Learn how to leverage Modern Gun Training Techniques. We use a wide variety of training tools and opportunities to ensure each instructor and every student can learn how to shoot in the fastest and safest way possible.

Unique, modern, up-to-date training tools and lesson plans have students learning more in less time. Advanced training opportunities allow students to grow and improve their shooting skills.


Level 1 Firearms Training LLC staff and instructors are oftentimes interviewed for comments about Breaking NEWS in communities and states. Our breakthrough training methods, opinions on gun violence, and our second amendment right to carry are the most sought-after topics in current events.

We Support Our Military

The folks who serve our country make many sacrifices for us, their families, and their loved ones. Long deployments to sometimes very dangerous portions of the world need to be recognized and appreciated.

Next time to meet someone who serves, who is giving up their personal freedoms to protect yours, tell them:

“Thank you for your service”