New advances in the firearms industry happen every day. Innovative discoveries, technologies, training techniques, and changes in the firearms industry occur often. How do firearms instructors keep up with all these changes? By attending firearms training academies.

What is a Firearms Training Academy?

A firearms training academy is an organization that’s affiliated with many higher education colleges, industry leaders, innovative thinkers, vendors, private training schools, and professional instructors across all fields of the industry. Their alliances help bring emerging technologies to the general public. Academy courses provide Continual Firearms Education (CFE) Credits to many local, state, and federal agencies.

Many academy instructors consider teaching the next generation of firearms instructors a great responsibility and an honor that is not taken lightly. Academy instructors enjoy the many benefits of remaining current in new and emerging firearms technologies. They enjoy access to the many new training methods and technologies available in this emerging field.

Benefits of an Academic Environment

Firearms Training Academies are the backbone for developing national standards. Thousands of students each year turn to firearm training academies for general and specialized training and educational programs. Training academies are where firearms knowledge continuously evolves and new training methods and techniques are discovered and tested.

Why should I consider a teaching academy over other firearms instructors?

Firearms Academy Instructors teach instructors to teach the students about firearms. The expression “We train the Trainers” is absolutely correct. Most firearm instructors teach their classes as a hobby, to supplement income from their day jobs, social security income, or retirement plans. Individual firearm instructors simply play an important role in teaching firearm concepts to beginner students. Unfortunately, they do not have the time or resources available to dedicate to research projects, development, and advanced training programs.

When you attend a firearms training academy, dedicated, full-time, and nationally recognized firearm instructors provide modern and up-to-date firearms training. Firearms academy instructors are focused on safety, education, Modern Gun Training Techniques, and establishing national standards.

Modern firearm academy instructors deliver new and emerging technologies in a way students can grasp and put into practice as quickly and safely as possible. Students get the added benefit of having several instructors involved in their education experience. Some instructors can explain certain subject matters better than others. Others have different personalities and personal approaches to teaching a certain skill.

As a result, students learn more in less time, and benefit from a combined knowledge of many firearms intructors instead of one firearms instructor. Combining these resources together delivers the best in firearms training education and experiences.

What can a teaching academy offer me as a student?

Many teaching academies conduct academic research, product testing, and publish whitepapers and journal articles. Many students are very satisfied with the level of training they receive when their instructors are under the direct supervision of senior firearms instructors. Students know they are being taught the most Modern Gun Techniques available by a team of experts who develop the training program.

Can I refuse to have instructor candidate’s from teaching me one or more courses?

Yes, you have the right to decide if an instructor candidate or senior instructor is not right for them. One of the many benefits firearms training academies have is their access to a pool of senior instructors. We respect your wishes and you should know your training experience will not be affected by your choice of instructors. Communicate your wishes to our team of professionals and we will find an instructor better suited for your needs.

How are Firearms Training Academies Funded?

Firearms training academies receive their funding from a variety of sources. Primary funding comes from the academic community, interested in research and development projects. Major industry leaders seek validation about their new guns, ammunition, training tools, and so forth. A firearms training academy is oftentimes commissioned by these agencies to provide a non-bias report about their new products.

Public firearms training classes provide additional income for community outreach programs. Funding from public firearms training events provides for community services such as free gun seminars, firearm safety programs, support for military families, along with a host of other community programs.