State Requirements for a Firearms Instructor

State requirements for a firearms instructor business vary depending on the jurisdiction. However, you must obtain relevant licenses, such as a firearms license, a concealed carry license, and an instructor certification. You will also need to ensure your business is compliant with local regulations.

Additionally, you must usually complete a required number of hours of training and pass a criminal background check to qualify as a firearms instructor. Lastly, it is essential to stay current on any changes in the law and renew your licenses as needed.

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David Streb
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Microsoft Training providers, trainers, and Microsoft Partners. Mr. Streb achieved the highly respected certification as an NRA Certified Instructor and later as an NRA Certified Training Counselor. Mr. Streb developed the Hell Week® instructor program nationally recognized by the NRA and across the U.S. for firearms instructor certification. Mr. Streb plans to take the "NRA Basic Instructor Training Courses" to the next level. This program will develop firearm instructors who exceed the NRA "Basic" development program and deliver advanced instructor training.

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