Firearms Classes Near Me is a listing of available firearms classes in your area. They are classified to suit your individual training needs. For example, if you are interested in basic to advanced student classes search under student classes. If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor in a specific discipline search under instructor classes.

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Student Classes

Student Classes

Students: Not all firearm classes are the same.

Whenever possible, we suggest you find an Academy Approved Instructor. Academy-approved instructors are highly trained individuals who focus on training you to improve your safety awareness and improving your shooting skills. They rank higher than others due to their level of training and expertise.

Firearms Instructor Classes

Range Safety Briefing

Firearm Instructors: We certify the level of competency based on training. Academy-trained instructors receive an asterisk designating they have attended training from an academy-level training facility.

About Academy-level Firearms Instructors and Training

Academy Level Training Facilities: These are prestigious training facilities that certify instructors based on academics, scholarship, and the pursuit of teaching students at a higher level. Training facilities include Level 1 Firearms Training Academy, Glock Training, Pew-pew Tactical, Sig-Sauer Training Academy, and Thunder Ranch.

Other training: There are a vast variety of basic training classes available for the student. The National Rifle Association (herein NRA) provides the “Basics of…” student training series which provides very basic training to students. United States Concealed Carry Association (herein USCCA) focuses on concealed carry instruction. Finally, there’s Legal Heat which sells insurance to concealed carry owners. All these organizations provide basic handgun training classes. None of these organizations meet academy standards but they do serve the firearms community when it comes to some sort of basic instruction.