NOTE: When selecting a reciprocity map, you will be directed to our local concealed carry field office.

  • You will no longer remain on our primary website.
  • Local field offices are typically located in your state and understand the laws and requirements of your state better than gun ranges and other instructors.
  • Level 1 Firearms Training LLC provides advanced concealed carry and legal concepts about carrying concealed in and outside your state.
    • Our class exceeds your state training requirements; always. We provide extensive local, state, federal, and national best-practice standards for concealed carry.
      • If your state does not require this level of training, and if you have no interest in learning advanced legal and moral responsibilities of owning a concealed carry firearm, we suggest a local gun range, an NRA Instructor, or other resource to provide the checkboxes you need to turn in your paperwork for the state.
    • Level 1 Firearms Training LLC Concealed Carry Classes are more in-depth than local instructors provide. We have a national training experience spanning multiple states across the nation.
      • Local instructors do not have the national exposure our instructors have to teach a complete class.
    • Our classes require a commitment to being a responsible concealed carry permit holder.
    • Our classes require a commitment of time to understand your moral and legal responsibilities as a concealed carry holder.
  • Not everyone passes. If you cannot meet your state’s minimum requirements you will be asked to retake the course. Please see our refund and reschedule policies for additional information.

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Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Reciprocity Map


Idaho has three concealed carry licenses:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Non-resident

Depending on the license you hold will determine where you can carry.

  • The Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry License, if you are an Idaho resident, provides more reciprocity privileges, extends to more states, and is the gold standard of concealed carry permits. There is no need for additional Concealed Carry Licenses from other states because Idaho has them beat.
  • The Idaho Standard Concealed Carry License offers fewer states in which you can carry. Since the Idaho Standard Concealed Carry License is a lesser license to possess than the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry License, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has elected not to teach it as a concealed carry permit option.
  • Idaho Standard and Enhanced Concealed Carry License Permit Holders can apply for a non-resident Oregon concealed carry permit. provided you live in an Oregon-bordering state.
    • If you don’t live in an Oregon-bordering state – California, Idaho, or Washington, you cannot apply for an Oregon non-resident Concealed Carry License.
  • The Idaho Non-resident Concealed Carry License has a lot of restrictions when it comes to concealed carry in other states other than your home state. Because of this, we suggest taking other Concealed Carry Classes such as Arizona, Florida, and Utah to complement and enhance your home state’s Concealed Carry Permit limitations. Taking the Idaho non-resident Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit class gains you nothing in terms of additional states you can carry.