Conceal Carry Instructor (CCW) and License to Carry Instructor (LTC) Training

Level 1 Firearms Instructor Hell Week™ Training Event

The Hell Week™ Instructor Package is an intense training opportunity for aspiring Pistol and Concealed Carry Instructors to maximize their certifications in less time.  Expert lectures, visual presentations, and proven training techniques are taught to the instructors. Practical pistol & personal defense concepts and challenging shooting drills go into this rewarding training experience. By the end of Hell, Week™ instructor candidates gain valuable knowledge and skills to teach conceal carry pistol concepts. Personal self-awareness training includes topics for home and business defense strategies.

Classroom training is essential to teach modern gun training methods to our aspiring instructors. There’s more to training than simply bringing hundreds of rounds of ammunition, showing students how to load ammunition, and then “practicing” at the range. Our instructor training program encourages pistol instructors to “train” with their students, improve student marksmanship skills, and assist students in building on the fundamentals.

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Get More Out of your Education

Training Pistol

Level 1 Firearms Pistol Instructor Training Course is focused on leveraging modern-day tools to enhance the student’s ability to learn. Our modern-day gun training methodology has students learning more in less time.

Teaching is the concept of student involvement during every stage of the training process. By having students involved with the process, their knowledge of pistol safety, shooting fundamentals, and maintenance increase dramatically. While an instructor can demonstrate a skill, the student must be able to perform the skill equally. Instructors who show their students how to load ammunition, fire the gun, and then how to empty the gun are doing a great disservice to the student.

Understanding why training is important to both the shooter and the instructor goes a long way in understanding how to be an efficient and effective instructor. Students need to learn and instructors need to learn by attending classes on how to instruct.

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The Hell Week™ Pistol Instructor Training Difference

Hell Week™ Pistol Instructor Training experience.

Hell Week™ is a great opportunity for aspiring and experienced instructors to learn advanced time-proven training methods, the ability to transfer shooting concepts and skills to students, and improved concealed carry concepts. Applying modern gun training methodologies, training tools, and practical teaching exercises, instructors and students see a vast improvement in their shooting skills.

Hell Week™ meets and exceeds state requirements nationally.

There are many “become an instructor” weekend training programs available, taught by poorly trained individuals who become certified instructors in just two to three days. Training events are typically less than eight hours a day, conducted over a single weekend, and have a rushed agenda. We call these “paper certifications”. These come about because the instructor just wants to get paid at the end of the day.

Level 1 Pistol Firearms Training Hell Week™ involves more than a weekend of training. Our course regiment is focused on the education of the instructor candidate. Unlike classes such as the “Basics of Pistol Training”, we arm the instructor with more than just how to load and fire a gun. The extensive training is apparent to those who know the Level 1 Firearms Training Certification.

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Breakout and Teamwork Sessions

Break-out and teamwork sessions encourage instructors to work as a team. Instructors use breakout sessions to enhance each other’s knowledge as they grow to develop better ways to teach students.

But what is required to put on a class? Here are just a few examples of what’s needed:

  • Leadership – The person in charge
  • What classes are you conducting?
  • Where are the classes being held?
  • Who are the classes for?
  • What type of equipment is needed?
  • What types of materials are required?

There are still more questions. For example, how will the class be promoted? Should you use social media, radio, or television? How much will it cost? Do you need a budget? During these breakout sessions, pistol instructor candidates will examine these questions and plan for a successful training session.

Advanced Pistol Training Techniques

Pistol instructor candidates At Level 1 Firearms Training LLC earn their certifications through hard work and dedication. Learning objectives are held to much higher standards than those weekend certification programs. Instructor candidates must demonstrate their ability to meet the higher standards and demonstrate the ability to transfer those skills to their students.

Instructor candidates must be able to teach students what’s expected from a drill and why it’s essential. Instructors then demonstrate the drill to verify the drill is attainable. Instructors then have their students perform the drill. Instructors provide positive feedback and suggestions on improving the students shooting skills while providing positive constructive suggestions to help students advance to their next level of shooting skills.

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Firearms and the Law

Lectures are fun, informative, and focused on the most recent training events.

Each Hell Week™ event is custom-tailored to cover the many laws of your state. Conceal Carry pistol instructors must be fluent and knowledgeable about firearms and the law in the states in which they are instructing. Federal, state, and local laws are highlighted and discussed to provide an in-depth understanding of how they may affect your students. Essential topics are highlighted as what you should know when teaching a concealed carry class. Instructors are encouraged to seek legal advice on what laws they can comment about, and how to legally comment on those laws without appearing to be providing legal advice to their students.

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Range Time

NRA Pistol Instructor Training Course

Extensive range time is scheduled for each Hell Week™ event. Instructors must demonstrate mastery of their craft from beginner to advanced instructor levels. Range training is at the heart of the instructor certification program. Instructors demonstrate, teach, and show the drills they will expect their students to perform efficiently. Observation, positive feedback, and knowing what to look for when students are qualifying are essential during the training qualification process. The instructor’s primary goal when assessing students is to ensure students are safe, responsible, and proficient shooters.

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Instructors Take a Break

Instructor Graduates from Montana

We know and understand that training can take a toll on our instructor candidates. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a breather. Some of our most memorable moments are when instructors relax, take a break, and add some fun to the training event.

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What to Expect

Every state has specific requirements for becoming a certified pistol instructor. We cater your Hell Week™ experience to exceed your state’s minimum standards. Because of this, classes may be substituted to meet state requirements.

  • Day 1: Beginner Instructor Training
  • Day 2: Beginner Pistol Instructor Certification
  • Day 3: Protection Strategies for Home and Business – Student Seminar
  • Day 4: Protection Strategies for Home and Business – Instructor Training
  • Day 5: Protection Strategies for Conceal Carry in Public – Student Seminar
  • Day 6: Protection Strategies for Conceal Carry in Public – Instructor Training
  • Day 7: Full Range Day for continuing exercises and drills, makeup sessions, and personal free time training.

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States Have Different Conceal Carry Requirements

One of the many benefits of becoming a certified pistol instructor allows you the opportunity to train the public on the proper way to conceal carry. To become a conceal carry instructor, you must apply to the state you intend to teach a class. The training you receive during the Level 1 Firearms Instructor Training – Hell Week™ event is nationally recognized throughout the nation. Note: Some states will also have additional pistol training requirements, such as attending a special course taught by the state itself. Level 1 Firearms Training LLC makes every effort to remain aware of these changes and actively reaches out to our instructors about changes in their state.

Wisconsin Carry Conceal Weapons License – CCW

Level 1 Pistol Instructor Hell Week™ events offer the opportunity to work together with fellow instructors. Wisconsin’s Carrying Concealed Weapons License – CCW permits require a simple Hunters Ed course to apply.

While the state of Wisconsin itself does not require pistol instructors to teach anything more than a basic gun safety course, you could be jeopardizing more than you think.

Here’s where everything goes bad. A student attends your class, the use of deadly force is discussed, and the student commits homicide and blames you for bad advice. Your defense? You have none. The state of Wisconsin does not authorize you to teach a Conceal Carry Weapons Permit course. It allows you to teach basic pistol safety lessons.

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Additional Information

A commonly asked question involves which firearms are accepted into the Pistol Instructor Training Course. Level 1 Firearms Training believes a firearm of .38 Special/9mm Para or greater caliber size is what an instructor should use when teaching.

A national training association allows its instructors to qualify with a .22 semi-automatic handgun with a scope or red-dot aiming system. These are the same instructor training courses that certify firearms instructors over a weekend in just under 16 hours. Most of these “certified” firearms instructors wash out (fail) by the second day of Hell Week™.

Firearms training courses should have a high level of standards to adhere to, but sadly, they don’t exist. That’s correct, you read that right. There are no national standards to meet when it comes to being certified as a firearms instructor. The Level 1 Pistol Firearms Training Certification Program speaks volumes when you introduce yourself and your training experience. When someone says they are a certified XYZ instructor, take out the challenge coin and show them how it’s done.

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