Do You Know What to Teach?

Notes from the Range
Notes from the Range: Do You Know What to Teach? We’ve lost count of how many students have told us their friend or relative taught them how to shoot. As with anything, some are great shooters others are not. But most don’t know the basic safety rules or learn how to clear a simple malfunction.

Teaching a student in a formal environment is far different from teaching someone casually. When you’re the instructor, you are the subject matter expert. As a subject matter expert, you cannot afford to shortcut training.
David Streb
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Microsoft Training providers, trainers, and Microsoft Partners. Mr. Streb achieved the highly respected certification as an NRA Certified Instructor and later as an NRA Certified Training Counselor. Mr. Streb developed the Hell Week® instructor program nationally recognized by the NRA and across the U.S. for firearms instructor certification. Mr. Streb plans to take the "NRA Basic Instructor Training Courses" to the next level. This program will develop firearm instructors who exceed the NRA "Basic" development program and deliver advanced instructor training.

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