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Find a competent, licensed, general-practice attorney within the state you instruct. A general-practice attorney will have a broad depth of exposure to many subjects you will need legal advice. As a rule, general-practice attorneys are interested in helping their clients get through life by staying out of trouble and complying with the law. If you seek out an attorney who “specializes” in a particular field, their bill rate is generally higher because you are paying for that specialization.

Attorneys are prohibited from providing legal advice in states where they are not licensed. If you move from one state to another, you must find a new attorney. This is because state laws can vary significantly; the advice from your old attorney may not be applicable in another state. Confirm your understanding with an attorney before assuming it will be the same as a previous state.

When looking for an attorney, do not rely on the law firm of

During the selection process, find an attorney who is:

  • Firearm friendly,
  • Understands you are interested in helping others,
  • Interested in raising awareness of responsible firearm ownership.

Ask friends and family if they know of a reasonable attorney. Visit local firearm dealers and gun ranges, and ask who they use for their business. Join a social site, such as LinkedIn, designed to connect with others with similar interests. You can search local newsworthy attorneys who defend our right to bear arms. If you have a good customer relations management (contact management) software program, you can look up attorneys who are members of your state bar association, draft a letter of inquiry, and email it out. As you receive responses, you’ll find those who are not interested.

Once you have narrowed down your list of candidates, check the local state bar association and review the attorney’s membership status. You might want to pass on that particular attorney if there have been disciplinary actions, suspensions, or other adverse reports.

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