Instructor Classes Offered

The following list is for aspiring firearm instructors who would like to teach students a variety of classes.

Our Most Popular Instructor Classes

Concealed Carry Classes, License to Carry Classes, Concealed Pistol Classes, Concealed Handgun Classes

Level 1 Firearms Training Classes

Concealed Carry Classes are becoming extremely popular. And for good reasons. Turn on the NEWS, listen to the radio, or browse the Internet and you will find hundreds of topics about mass shootings in local neighborhoods.

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is the pioneer in revolutionizing and improving concealed carry classes. So much so, that our training is guaranteed to exceed state concealed carry requirements.

We were the first to offer legal lectures about Firearms and the Law by local attorneys and law enforcement officers. We are also long-time supporters of keeping your firearms locked in a safe when not in use.

Level 1 Firearms Hell Week™ Event

Conceal Carry Instructor Classes (CCW), License to Carry Instructor Classes (LTC), and Concealed Handgun Instructor Classes

Level 1 Firearms Instructor Hell Week™ Training Event

The Hell Week™ Instructor Training Package is an intense training opportunity teaching Modern Gun Training Techniques to aspiring Pistol Instructors and Concealed Carry Instructors across the U.S.

The Hell Week™ classes are designed to maximize achieving all your instructor certifications for all states in less time. 

Expert lectures & visual presentations, proven training techniques, practical pistol  & personal defense concepts, and challenging shooting drills go into this rewarding training experience.

Women’s Only Workshops

Women's Only Workshop Classes

We created the original Women’s Only Workshop series that inspired a nation to offer pistol classes to women only.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and we are very flattered we inspired a nation of firearms instructors to offer women-specific pistol classes.

The first Women’s Only Workshop Classes started in early 1990 when the need to teach ladies in a relaxed, men-free zone, became apparent when men attending co-ed classes who had the best intentions were interrupting the training process.

No Men, no “husband-wife” teams, just women teaching women.

Classes are taught by Nationally Certified and Recognized Women Instructors

Classes Offered