Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has officially adopted the following firearms safe gun handling rules. The rules were developed after analyzing Jeff Cooper’s philosophy and the NRA rules for safe gun handling. At the end of the day they are essentially the same, they are common-sense rules, which are simply stated in a different order.

Therefore, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC. has adopted the following 5 (five) safe gun handling rules:

  1. Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  2. Keep all firearms unloaded until instructed.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until instructed to shoot.
  4. Know your target and beyond. If there is any doubt there’s an object, person, animal, or any undefinable object beyond the target, a cease-fire must be immediately called for the protection of everyone at the range.
  5. No Drugs, alcohol, nor cannabis is allowed at the range. If the training instructor suspects the use of any drug you will be asked to leave the range, you will be assigned a failure, and understand no refunds will be provided.

Always assume the Gun is Loaded – Jeff Cooper

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC., together with its training staff and outside consultants believes the Jeff Cooper rule is condescending and insulting to the intelligence of students, responsible gun owners, and humanity.

Does Jeff Cooper and the NRA believe we are that ignorant? That stupid? So stupid we have to be told to treat a firearm as if it is loaded; seriously folks. This is an outright insult from Jeff Cooper and firearm owners.


Level 1 Firearms Safe Gun Handling Rules:

  • Always Point the Gun in a Safe Direction is the first rule of the NRA. Do we really need to treat students as if they are a relative of Gomer Pyle? This is such an obvious safety rule.

Jeff Coppers Rule: Treat all guns as if they are loaded – are we, as firearm students that stupid? According to the Jeff Cooper cronies, we are.

NRA Rules: Follow Jeff Coopers Rules.

Give Americans a breakwe are not that stupid and we don’t need to be reminded as responsible gun owners, that the gun should always be pointed in a safe direction.

The rest of the Level 1 Firearms LLC “Official” Gun Safety Rules appear to be straightforward and easy to understand. Give it enough time, we’ll have to explain what it means to keep the gun Unloaded. We are already waiting for someone to ask this question.

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