NRA Rifle Instructor Training Course

NM – NRA Rifle Instructor Course

This is the NRA Instructor Rifle Shooting Course. This course certifies instructor candidate on the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for training students in the basics of safe rifle handling, maintenance, and shooting based on NRA national standards. […]

NM – NRA Rifle Student Course

This NRA Rifle student course teaches students the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to use rifles safely and efficiently. Students are introduced to various rifles, action types, ammunition, and the basic safety rules. […]

Level 1 Firearms Instructor Hell Week™ Training Event

NM – Level 1 Firearms Hell Week™ Pistol Instructor Training Event

The Hell Week™ Instructor Package, sponsored by Level 1 Firearms Training, is a great option for aspiring Pistol and Concealed Carry concept Instructors to maximize their certifications in less time.  Expert lectures & visual presentations, proven training techniques, practical pistol  & personal defense concepts, and challenging shooting drills go into this rewarding training experience.  The package is bundled to better prepare new instructors to meet the education demands of the current firearms training industry. […]

NRA Basic Instructor Training Course BIT

NM – NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

NRA Basic Instructor Training BIT, sponsored by Level 1 Firearms Training, is a 6+ hour objective based prerequisite class required before taking instructor level courses. BIT is not a certification course, but rather a class on teaching methodology that will be applied to any NRA skill or discipline you become certified to teach in the future: […]