Breakout and Teamwork Sessions

Our training materials are available for all instructors to use. We are unsure why other training companies feel this information is proprietary. Firearms training has been around since our forefathers needed to hunt for food. They passed hunting skills down to their children- so why shouldn’t we do the same?

So here it begins. A compendium of lesson plans that are not treated as a collection of protected, proprietary lessons. They are living documents, that are updated and improved over time. We encourage all instructors to participate in our forum group regarding Training Materials so we may improve upon the information we provide.

We pursue scholarship, an academic approach to higher learning of understanding. We share this information freely with those pursuing insights into the art of firearms training.

Rifle Class

As you review our materials, you will discover techniques for training you have forgotten.

You will discover other training companies’ “philosophies”, and their “proprietary information” to be nothing more than a repeat of basic training principles.

You will find links to important yet basic training principles on this page. They apply to any lesson you teach, from basic pistol to advanced tactical classes. The basic teaching principles always apply.

There are several articles and blog posts on our site. You can refer to the “Instructor Guide” menu to find an easy reference to these publications.